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ערב צוות לעובדי אדידס גראנד ב"ש

May 7, 2017

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היסטוריה - לוטה ליברה

October 17, 2013


Luta Livre was created in the mid 20th Century in Rio de Janeiro. The founders of Luta Livre system was Euclydes Hatem (Tatu). He is considered one of the greatest Brazilian fighters of all time. Master Hatem, pioneer of luta livre , fought (and defeated) George Gracie in the 40s. The so called “ground fight” was always their priority because of the submissions and its importance in Vale Tudo matches


In the 1970’s Luta Livre was strongly influenced by tedhnical experts like Roberto Leitao. Leitao is a University professor for Engineering and has devoted many years to Wrestling and Judo without Gi. Since he was of smaller physical stature than most athletes from the rowing club, Leitao had to prevail with flawless technique; much like Royce Gracie did about 20 years later in the UFC.

Luta Livre evolved from generation to generation and was brought to Germany in 1995 by Professor Daniel D’ Dane. He taught Luta Livre to a handful of people in Colonge, Germany where he became a mentor to his star pupil Andreas Schmidt. Luta livre is the style with most victories in IVC (international vale tudo championship).



Luta Livre is Portuguese meaning free fight. Luta Livre is a complete martial art system which was designed in Rio de Janeiro. It is first and foremost a submission grappling style where competitors use joint locks and chokes to submit their opponent. The stand up component of Luta Livre, witch includes punching and kicking as well as elbow and knee strikes, was developed to complete the art.

 The art of Luta Livre enables a competitor to transition from stand up to the ground in an energy efficient and economical method.

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